Use AI to Generate Art With Your Face

Learn how to create custom art with your face on it, without knowing anything about art... For free!

Use AI to Generate Art With Your Face

I've recently gone deep down the AI rabbit hole.

Over the last few weeks, I've learned how to create AI art and generate images of pretty much anything you could imagine.

But I wanted to go further... I wanted to know how to get myself into the AI.

Think of the possibilities...

  • Crazy images for Facebook, Twitter, or Google Display ads
  • Amazing YouTube thumbnails that are completely custom
  • Website graphics that allow me to convey personality
  • Funny images for memes to share on social media
  • Images to use in videos and slide presentations
  • Awesome profile pics
  • Podcast cover art

I could keep going... But you get the idea.

From a marketing perspective, holy crap, there's so much you could do with this power!

So I set off on a journey to learn this myself.

I learned about Stable Diffusion and Dreambooth and Midjourney AI and using remote GPUs to process the graphics and all sorts of other nerdy stuff that I won't go into detail on (yet)...

And then I gathered everything I learned and put it into the step-by-step tutorial above.

In the video I mention a long link... Here's the link that's mentioned.

Go to that link and then follow along to the step-by-step instructions in the video and you'll be putting your face on images in no time!

Please do me a huge favor though...

If you mess with it and works, can you share an image or two on Twitter or Facebook and tag me on it? @mreflow on Twitter and @MattRWolfe on Facebook.

I'd also love it if you shared this post with anyone that would nerd out about it as much as I do.

On A Side Note...

I've got so many cool tech tutorials and nerdy things to share. I've been learning about AI voice generation and creating voices of anyone you can imagine. I've been exploring AI video and motion capture. I've even dug into virtual reality and augmented reality and have started exploring entry-level ways for anyone to mess with them.

All of this is the types of things I'll be sharing on this site, along with the occasional marketing tactics and strategies that have been working. I just love to nerd out and share that nerdery with you.

So expect a lot more of that popping into your inbox and on this blog!

Thanks for reading... Everything beyond this point is for supporters only, where I share some of my favorite prompts so far and how you can get similar results.