Mirror Blogging, Phantom Galaxies Airdrop, and Crazy Skullz Roadmap

Mirror Blogging, Phantom Galaxies Airdrop, and Crazy Skullz Roadmap

Maybe I’ll Write Some Stuff…

Yesterday, Joe, my co-host on Hustle & Flowchart, asked me if I’d share more about what I’m working on in any given moment. I’m basically always down some sort of rabbit-hole in the web3 space. I spend my days messing around with various DeFi protocols, trying to spot undervalued NFTs, watching videos about the latest “play-to-earn” games, analyzing the charts of various alt-coins, hanging out in Discords or Telegram groups to find alpha, or reading articles and watching videos about the same subjects.

Joe further challenged me to actually blog about the rabbit-holes I’ve been going down. I’ve attempted to get back into blogging multiple times, as evidenced by my periodic blogposts on Substack or MattWolfe.com. The problem was always that I wasn’t that excited by most of what I was blogging about. I blogged about marketing, Twitter, advertising, SEO, leadership, and other business related topics that absolutely bore me to tears these days.

Now, things are different. I’ve been messing around with crypto since 2013 (mostly Bitcoin back then as way to make purchases on things that fall in a legal grey area), I started investing heavily in 2017, and today, in 2021, I’ve literally shifted my full-time focus to nothing but Web3. I am so immersed now that I find it hard to have normal conversions with people without decentralization, DeFi, or cryptocurrencies coming up in conversation… Followed by confused or skeptical faces. Typically, I’ve got them converted by the end of the conversation but, the point being that, outside spending time with my family, it’s the only thing on my mind these days.

I’ve been conflicted. The audience that I’ve built up so far has all been in the marketing space. People follow me because they want to learn the latest email marketing strategy or the latest “YouTube ad hack.” I’ve held back on writing much about Web3 because I felt like my audience wouldn’t enjoy it. I’ve also felt a bit of imposter syndrome, being another person out there talking about Web3.

I’ve also convinced myself that I don’t have time to write about my findings. However, at this point, I think writing more will be a huge benefit to both me and to those that want to pay attention. I learn so much better by re-teaching what I’ve just learned or by trying to find better ways to explain things with analogies. I’ve also realized that I don’t have to write an essay every single time I write. I can literally just write up quick “alert” posts to point people’s attention to a project or opportunity. A post can be a deep-dive on a topic OR it can be a quick “heads up - check this out” post.

In fact, most posts will likely be quick “here’s what I’m paying attention to” posts with a few little details about what I’m paying attention to. Just keep in mind that most of what I’m posting is about topics that I’m just now learning about. I’m not an expert and I don’t give financial advice. I’m just an explorer who wants to dig around in the Web3 world and show others what I find… Always do your own research beyond anything that I share here.

This is my passion and I clearly have a lot I could talk about. I’ve just gotta get into the habit of sharing what I’m coming across.

With all that being said, I want to share some things that I think will be really valuable to people. I don’t want this to just be a “why I don’t write as much as I used to” post. I want this to be something that you derive real-world value out of.

So here are the few rabbit-holes I’ve gone down today…


The first project that I’ve been exploring today is this platform that you’re reading this post on. It’s called Mirror.xyz and it’s a blockchain-based blogging, crowdfunding, and NFT creation platform all-in-one.

With Mirror, you can actually turn each of your blog posts into an NFT. The NFT can be bid on, auction style, or you can make available a certain amount available to readers. If you make multiple available, they have a fixed pricing plan for the NFT. It breaks down like this…

  • 500 people can purchase the “common” version of your post for 0.01 ETH
  • 50 people can purchase the “rare” version of your post for 0.1 ETH
  • 5 people can purchase the “legendary” version of your post for 1 ETH

You can then offer various perks and access to people holding the various levels of NFTs. However, for the most part, it seems like these purchases are a mechanism to support writers. If you enjoy the writing and got value out of it, you can support the writer and encourage them to create more content by purchasing their post as an NFT.

I’ll personally be turning all of my posts into NFTs on this platform (eventually). If you enjoy my writing or got some major value from a post, feel free to give back by purchasing the NFT version of the post. I’ll create additional perks in the future for the various holders of legendaries, rares, and commons. I’m open to ideas as to what readers would find valuable.

But isn’t mirror a closed a platform?

If you go to Mirror.xyz right now, it says that you need a $WRITE token and, by burning that token, you can start writing. However, they have updated the platform so that anyone can now write on it. They just haven’t updated the homepage yet.

If you go to dev.mirror.xyz, you can see their latest blog post is announcing that it’s not open to everyone. If you go to mirror.xyz/dashboard and connect your MetaMask wallet, you should be good to go.

You can start blogging right away! That’s what I just did before starting in on this post.

Phantom Galaxies Airdrop

I don’t have a big write-up for this. I just wanted to alert anyone reading this that there’s an opportunity for an airdrop. If you saw all of the buzz about ENS last week and all the people getting free airdrops, you know the potential that exists. I spend a lot of time hunting and guessing where the next airdrops may come from. This time around, the play-to-earn game, Phantom Galaxies, is straight up telling us when they’re going to do an airdrop…

In case you haven’t seen it on Twitter or missed it over on LADZ City, here are the details directly off Twitter.

Head over to the official Phantom Galaxies website, connect your MetaMask wallet, and you should be good to go… Assuming you do it before November 22nd.

I wouldn’t expect much from this airdrop since so many people are already aware that it’s happening but heck, it takes about 15-seconds and could end in a nice new asset sitting your portfolio.

I did a podcast episode recently where I break down 5 ways (plus a bonus method) for earning free cryptocurrencies. You can tune into that episode here. Since recording that episode, I’ve stumbled across so many more. Snagging free crypto will likely be a common theme among these blog posts. I’m constantly learning about and stumbling upon free ways to get your foot in the door with crypto.

NFT To Watch… Crazy Skullz

Joe and I recently broke down what we love about Crazy Skullz on our recent episode of Hustle & Flowchart over on the LADZ City Network.

Here’s what I’m currently holding myself (I’d unlist my red Skull but don’t want to pay the gas fees - LOL):

It’s currently selling below the mint price at (0.04 ETH at the time of writing this). We purchased at 0.05 ETH. After purchasing I also minted Crazy Skullz playing cards and have Mummy Skullz and Nuclear Skullz coming my way. I originally purchased 3 NFTs and, all said and done, I’ll end up with 10 NFTs.

All of these various NFTs have value in the form of $BONES tokens, which will fractionalize the ownership of a larger portfolio of NFTs, creating an underlying asset for the $BONES token to be pinned to. If the value of the underlying portfolio rises, it makes it so people don’t want to sell their Skullz. The lack of supply leads to increased demand and the price goes up. People want in because of the fractionalized NFT portfolio and members never want to leave because staying could be too profitable in the long run.

The Skullz don’t get a ton of mainstream attention but the community behind them is rabid. Most people are using the image as their profile pic. When people shout out the Skullz, the community shows up to show their support. Their roadmap has played out how they’ve promised so far… But they don’t have all the biggest whales in the space shouting about them so they’re kind of flying under the radar.

Today, they just broke down more details about their roadmap and, personally, I think we’re going to see some momentum around this project.

Here’s the latest update from the Skullz Discord:

The Mummies launch in a little over a week and, if you own 3 Skullz, you’ll be eligible to mint one mummy for free… And damn, if they aren’t some sexy ass art…

Here’s a few from their website…

Crazy Skullz did NOT pay me to write this and I’ve received nothing for free in exchange for sharing this. I’m just a fan of the project, love the community, and am excited about their roadmap to build DAO elements around their project.

Alright… That’s all I got for today…

I’ll likely have some more insights and/or alpha for you on Friday.

Hopefully you enjoyed this and want me to make more like it.