Hire Me

I can probably help you overcome your tech or marketing related issue.

I had a realization recently...

I've been in tech, building websites and web apps since 2005.

I've been in marketing, writing copy, running ads, building content networks, running a podcast, doing SEO, and everything in between since 2007.

The realization was that I'm doing it all for my own personal marketing efforts.

I've built-out the websites, the tech, the integrations, the autoresponders, and everything else necessary to run and automate an online business for my own endeavors for years... Hoarding all the skills I've developed for myself.

The thing is that I love solving problems in tech and marketing. I'm a puzzle solver...

Once the puzzle is solved, I need a new one to solve. So I just keep creating new puzzles for myself.

Sure, I've created countless courses that teach people how to do what I do and build what I've built... And that is satisfying as well. But it doesn't beat the feeling of getting in and doing the work to build the thing or to solve the problem.

I can't keep creating and solving my own puzzles.

That's why I've decided to offer my services up to others.

When it comes to the tech behind the marketing, I just know how to do shit... And, if I don't know how to do it, I know the person or the tool that does.

I'm not building an agency. I don't have a team of people helping me with this. I'm not white-labeling someone else's service and reselling it to you.

It's just me, Matt Wolfe... One dude who will work directly with you to help dial in whatever tech you're trying to dial in or to give you a second set of eyes on your marketing efforts... And I'll do it at a fair price.

This isn't my "high-ticket offer" or some money grab. I just want to build and help others build. That's my sweet spot and that's where I can add insane value to whatever it is you're doing.

Leverage me. Let me be your guy who integrates one tool with another. Let me be the guy who figures out which combination of WordPress plugins will get you your desired result. Let me be the guy who knocks out a quick sales process for you on ThriveCart so you can start generating sales faster than you could on your own.

I want to be your "digital marketing" handyman and help you get to where you need to go.

Here's a shortlist of some of the things I can help anyone do...

  • Full ThriveCart checkout funnel buildouts
  • Initial podcast setup with hosting and tech
  • Build out opt-in forms on your website with tools like ConvertBox
  • Integrate your autoresponder with your website, landing page, membership or web app
  • Membership buildouts and API integrations
  • Building out Zapier automation workflows
  • Initial Google Ads setups (I don't do ongoing maintenance and optimization but will educate you on how to maintain what I build)
  • Initial Facebook Ads setups (without ongoing maintenance as well)
  • WordPress Plugin setups (tell me what you want your blog to do and I'll help build-out a combination of plugins to do it)
  • WordPress Theme setup and optimization
  • Google Analytics / Facebook Pixel installations
  • Custom quizzes and quiz funnels
  • Faceted site navigation
  • AirTable / Notion / Google Sheets spreadsheet and database buildouts

My sweet spot is that cross between tech, tools, and marketing. Reach out and leverage me to help you build out anything in that realm.

The list above is far from exhaustive. Ping me with what you need some quick help on and I'll respond ASAP and let you know if it's in my wheelhouse or not.

Don't be shy! I'm not going to come back with some insane price quote. I just want to build with you at a price that's fair for my time.

Again, if I can't help you, I likely know a tool or a person who can.

I'm done being in my own little bubble, building for myself. I'm ready to help you achieve what you're trying to achieve online!

Let's Work Together!